Processed Wafer

Oxidation Wafer

Oxidation Wafer is an electrical insulator wafer, processed at a high temperature, which allows Polished Wafer to have oxide film on its surface. It is used as a field oxide for electrical insulating gate of MOS transistors and other various structures inside chips. Oxidation is done in either Dry or Wet methods. The characteristics of each type are on the following diagram.

Characteristics of Dry Oxidation

  • Slow in forming oxide film
  • Superior in density and film quality

Characteristics of Wet Oxidation

  • Rapid in forming oxide film and forms thick film
  • Useful when short time oxidation is needed.
  • Relatively inferior in density and film quality
Metal Deposition Wafer

Metal Deposition Wafer is coated with variety of metal films for semiconductor manufacturing. According to a specific process, Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Tungsten (W) and various metals are deposited on the Wafer.