SOI Wafer

Silicon On Insulator Wafer (SOI wafer) has highly improved crystal characteristics and properties of pure silicon layer as they have an insulating layer in-between the wafer surface and substrate to completely remove the hindrance from the substrate.

With a flawless thin Si layer on top of the insulating layer (thermal oxide film), SOI Wafer can avoid insulating walls or well processes. Although SOI Wafer is more expensive than the regular Si Wafers, it allows the semiconductor manufacturers to reduce the time and cost of product manufacture and development due to its traits.

Diameter: 150~200mm

Specification TM-SOI TM+EPI SOI Bonded SOI
Device Layer Diameter (mm) 200 200 150, 200
Thickness (um) 0.1 ~ 0.5 1.5 ~ 10 2 ~ 100
Uniformity ±10nm ±0.1μm ±0.5μm
Dopant P-type / N-type
Resistivity Customer’s spec
Buried Oxide Thickness 0.01 – 3μm
Uniformity 〈±3%
Handle Layer Dopant P-type / N-type
Resistivity Customer’s spec